Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Saturday, August 14 - Anaheim, California

UPDATE: We had a great time! Thanks to all participants!  

This "con" is not actually a formal convention - it is  a group of old school gamers hanging out in a rented clubhouse. The details I present here are distilled from the Dragonsfoot thread and email correspondence, and should be considered tentative. If you are interested in attending PLEASE RSVP a spot in the session(s) by leaving a Comment here or emailing me - this will be incredibly helpful for the DMs.
Please read below for further details on location, parking, food, etc. This is a free event!

We'll also be doing a book swap! Bring a box of books that you think people would be willing to trade for, and hopefully we'll all walk away with new reading material.

NOTE: I will continually update this page with details, so you can check back here periodically. More sessions may be added and game RSVPs may change.

DM: T. Foster
DESCRIPTION: I'm going to be running the "Tomb of Rahotep," the finale section of Gary Gygax's Necropolis, which I will be freely converting to 1E AD&D from the original Dangerous Journeys version (there was also a d20 version released by Necromancer Games). The adventure is for high-level (up to 14) characters and is, essentially, "Tomb of Horrors on Egyptian-flavored steroids" -- a pretty much sadistic puzzle-dungeon that Gygax was proud of as the most difficult thing he ever wrote (and which I had the honor of playing in under him in a couple convention/playtest sessions back in the 80s, so I'll be doing my best to capture some of that same feel (only with a lot less unfiltered cigarettes and not as many colorful anecdotes about sharing hottubs with Hollywood starlets and what assholes the Blume brothers are ;))). I'm providing pre-gen characters.
  1. Thorkhammer
  2. wheggi
  3. jallison86
  4. wheggi's stepson
  5. Cimmerian
  6. Bedivere
  7. The Shaman
  8. Rick M.
  9. Gary P.
  10. open

DM: Tavis Allison 
DESCRIPTION: Original Dungeons & Dragons (1974 Whitebox, 3 "little brown books" plus house rules). "Night of the Walking Wet" by Paul Jaquays is an underappreciated classic in its own right & a mini-campaign setting for the other adventures presented in the early issues of the Dungeoneer fanzine. This exploration will set forth in a different corner of its sandbox than the previous all-night run at GaryCon II, and will take place a week after the events of that session (and likely a week before its continuation at GaryCon III). Players are welcome to make new characters beforehand using the guidelines here; to bring existing characters from any game system, who will be adapted to fit in to a party of roughly 6th level OD&D adventurers; or to roll up characters on the spot.
RESERVED SEATS: 6 preferred, 2 alternates possible.
  1. cyclopeatron
  2. Javi
  3. Staples
  4. Kirk (Telecanter)
  5. Kirk's friend 
  6. Alexy (monk)
  7. Nick Bielik
  8. open

    AFTERNOON SESSION (2pm-6pm):
    DM: Joseph Goodman (Goodman Games)
    DESCRIPTION:  Dungeon Crawl Classics. Atop a craggy peak overlooking the teeming ports, the brilliant emerald tower has watched generations of kings rise and pass. This Citadel of the Emerald Sorcerer goes undisturbed by the king’s subjects, who fear the flapping monstrosities that descend from the dusk – as well as the king’s edict. But you’re not a king’s man, and many a fell beast has fallen to your sword ere tonight’s adventure. Surely a fortune in gemstones awaits you in the Citadel of the Emerald Sorcerer! Join the continuing public playtest of the Dungeon Crawl Classics Role Playing Game with this new level 2 adventure, introducing some of the new spellcasting rules employed by the game.
    1. Rick M.
    2. Gary P.
    3. Louis (Jon Archer)
    4. Todd
    5. Karina
    6. Joel A.
    AFTERNOON SESSION (2pm-6pm):
    DM: Bobby "Cyclopeatron"
    DESCRIPTION:  Gamma World (1st edition). MUTANTS OF METAL. It's hard work being in a mutated heavy metal band touring the post-apocalyptic Gamma World. Getting gigs, pleasing fans, keeping your keytar synth in good repair, and fighting rival heavy metal bands and aliens - it's all in a day's work. Pregens will be provided.
    1. Brunomac (lead vocals)
    2. David B. (electronic guitar)
    3. Brent W. (drummer)
    4. Joshua O. (synth)
    5. Nick Bielik
    6. Banjo Chris 
    7. Troy Z.

    AFTERNOON SESSION (2pm-6pm):
    DM: Kirk "Telecanter"
    DESCRIPTION:  Swords & Wizardry (OD&D clone)
    RESERVED SEATS: 3 to 6 players preferred.
    1. Staples
    2. David Keeton 
    3. Mobad Deathprong
    4. Kirk's Friend 
    5. open
    6. open

      EVENING SESSION (~7pm):
      DM: Chris "Cimmerian"
      DESCRIPTION:  Urutsk: World of Mystery.
      NOTE: This session might be canceled due to a potential work conflict for the DM. If this happens, Bedivere will instead run an AD&D session.
      1. Bedivere
      2. Kirk (Telecanter)
      3. Kirk's friend
      4. Tavis A.
      5. Mobad Deathprong
      6. open

      EVENING SESSION (~7pm):
      DM: Kevin "Brunomac"
      DESCRIPTION: Original D&D. Whitebox by-the-book. Roll up characters and go for it!
      1. Fred. C. Dobbs 
      2. Gary
      3. Staples 
      4. Mat
      5. Alexy (monk)
      6. open 

      MINI-CON LOCATION: The Mini-Con will be a few blocks from the Anaheim Convention Center. On this Google Map aim for the big clubhouse near the pool on the North side of Orangewood, to the left of the pointer:

      View Larger Map

      Since I'm so close to Disneyland and the convention center, the streets in the area are marked as resident permit parking only. Enforcement is fairly light, but there's no need to risk getting a ticket.

      There is guest parking within the Sherwood Village community in any open, marked space (it's pretty obvious - the streets in the community are all either red or marked parking spaces). There's usually plenty, but I've never had 30 guests over before. I also have 4 resident hang tag permits that will allow parking on Orangewood right next to the clubhouse that I can give to people I know - especially anyone bringing tables and chairs or with lots to unload. These would likely go to Tony F, Jeff Allison, and perhaps Cimm, T.Foster, Shaman, Thork, or Wheggi (whoever gets there first, or whoever gives a compelling argument as to why they need it).

      I know people are coming from all over, but if it’s possible to carpool, that would help.

      Tables and Chairs
      The clubhouse has chairs for 20 and tables for 2 games, and a counter top and refrigerator for food. I additionally have a card table and chairs for the book swap, snacks, or whatever we need.

      It looks like we’ll need another table for a game session, and 8-10 chairs.

      If everyone brings their favorite snacks and drinks there always seems to be enough to share.

      We were planning a bbq. There are a lot of people involved now, so I’m not sure how long bbq-ing for 20+ will take. We have 2 large gas bbqs outside the clubhouse. I think we can still do it if we have multiple people manning the grills as long as we limit it to something simple like burgers and dogs, but we just don’t have the space or time to cook spare ribs or whole chickens or stuff like that. We need to coordinate buns, condiments, and any veggies we might want. I don’t know if everyone should bring their own meat to allow for tastes, veggie substitutes, kosher, or whatever, or if we should pool that too. Any suggestions?

      If you must bring something else to grill it must be as quick and simple as burgers or hotdogs.

      Because there's 3 sessions instead of 2 like before, we also need a lunch. There is all manner of fast food, pizza, and restaurants in the area – obtaining food shouldn’t be a problem. The clubhouse also has a microwave.


      1. If you could put me down for that 2pm Gamma World session, that would be awesome. I look forward to laying it down at the table, then burning some steaks afterward.

      2. Also, if it turns out the people from the morning session are lacking a game for the afternoon and no GMs are available, I would be willing to run Labyrinth Lord instead of playing.

      3. @Christian - Awesome x2! It's unclear how long the morning AD&D game will go, but I wouldn't be surprised if it went until 4 or 5pm. Trent says he doesn't mind people skipping out early if they want (which is what I'll probably do to run GW). Brunomac is also coming prepared to run an earlier pick-up session of OD&D if needed, but I'm guessing we probably won't need a second morning session. It will be interesting to see what the turnout is like...

      4. This event is going to be gangsta. I cannot wait!!!!!

      5. I'd like to reserve a spot in the 7pm evening D&D session if possible. Even if the notorious Fred C. Dobbs is there ;P

      6. @Christian - On second thought, would you be interested in running a Labyrinth Lord session in the morning, concurrent with Trent's AD&D game? Several people have asked about "Classic D&D" options, and I think Trent is hoping for another morning game in case of higher attendance.

        @Gary - Gotcha!

      7. Cyclopeatron: Great job with this. It's all the organization that's needed, really.

        As I'm coming from West Side maybe running a morning game is a toughie for me, but I might like to try and make it for LL if Chris does his thing in the morning (just maybe coming a little late). Chris, I think I still have a character or two I created last year when I was going to play. Love to have you for the evening session of OD&D if you can stay late.

      8. Hey if there's still space put me down for your 2:00 pm Gamma World slot and Kevin's 7:00 pm OD&D Game.

        Sounds awesome guys.


      9. I posted on the DF thread also, but I'd like to be in on the 7pm OD&D, if possible. Not sure, but I may be noobish. It's been a while. If that's going to slow things down, I can step out (won't be offended at all). -Monk

      10. @Alexy - You're on the list! Glad you're coming!

      11. Alexy: It'll be eezy peezy. The most basic and primative (and "Elmer Fuddist") of D&D. No frills, just thrills!

      12. If I could join the 7 pm OD&D game, that'd be really cool.

      13. Wow, I didn't see Fred C. Dobbs the first time here. Please put me down for the 7pm evening D&D session if possible.

      14. I'd also like to join Christian's morning Labyrinth Lord game, please.

      15. Cyclo: I'm hoping that my one regular player that I would want to come (I've known her forever and she's the only one aware of my game blog...and I'd like to keep it that way) can make it, but haven't heard from her yet. Please put down "Terry H." for my 7PM to hold the spot. If she can't make it, we'll take her off. Terry is cool and has a little pop culture cred - she was one of the doctors killed by Doc Ock in Spider Man 2!

      16. Hi,

        I jus recently have gotten back into gaming.I'm am an old school player myself and would be honored to run a game for any of you guys. Here's more details about it on dragonsfoot:

      17. Is there still time to get into T.Foster's game and Brunomac's game I would like to officially register.

        My name is Joseph Limbaugh.

      18. Can you save me a spot in Christian's LL game and Chris' Urutsk. I may drag a buddy along with me, so maybe plus one for total bodies.

      19. The day has opened up for me a little...can I RSVP for Christian's LL game, please?

      20. Cyclo, unfortunatly my friend Terry can't make the day (hope it wasn't our only chance for a chick in this sausage fest).Go ahead and take her off the list (sorry to be a pain, pal).

        It seems like a lot of folk want to OD&D, and that is awesome. The 1st level of the dungeon will be a bit small (and typical vermin infested 1st level), but a larger group of 1st level PC's will be hefty enough to explore 2nd level a bit. More flags, more fun!

        Just FYI, I don't consider it a one-shot. I don't do one-shots. I'm "Mr. Campaign." If we only do this minicon once a year, I might try to get a table at the St. Crispin's monthly thing in the future if any of the players in this can make that to continue exploring the dungeon. So go into this with later games and character contiuation in mind (assuming we have a grand time in this first game, which I think we will).

      21. I'd like in on Ironface's afternoon Labyrinth Lord game, if that's OK. Thanks.

      22. Just a reminder: we'll also be doing a book swap! Bring a box of books that you think people would be willing to trade for, and hopefully we'll all walk away with new reading material.

      23. Staples, I look forward to playing with you and whomever else joins the game. Without revealing anything, this is a open-ended city adventure and it all depends on what the players/ PC's do in the short amount of time we have to play at the con. It should bea fun ride :-)

      24. Can I get in on Christians 9am game please if there's room. Can I go on the wait list for Cyclo's Gamma World? I'd like to jam tunes with Steve if anything opens up:)

      25. Would the gents who plan on doing my OD&D session please send me an email (if I don't have it already) so I can get a collection of them together? In a week or so I would like to send you a little more info on the session off list. Also, this way I'll have your emails to contact you after the session if anybody would like to continue at the next Mini-con or St. Crispins' or whatever venue works out for more edge of your seat OD&D excitment!

        Also please feel free to question me on the session, or give me an idea of what might be fun for you to run. Just an FYI - I'm going to have everyone roll 3D6 in order (gasp - Elmer Fuddism) but with 4D6 best 3 for one stat of your choice. You'll get three tries at sets of stats this way, so if you need a good Int or Str or whatever chances are you'll get what you need for a particular class. Otherwise, let the dice fall where they may.

      26. With Bob/cyclopeatron switching tables and SCMC 1&2 attendee Tony F confirming he won't be there this year, I've got room for up to 2 more people in my game if there's interest -- I've got 10 pre-gen characters (well, 9 + Thorkhammer submitted one that I approved). My game will probably run well into the afternoon, but anybody who wants to jump ship to play in another game at 2:00 can feel free to do so

      27. Unfortunately I discovered I need to pick my daughter up from the airport this same afternoon. I'm very sad I can't make it! Especially after you so kindly made room for me.

        So please, open up my spots in the morning Labyrinth Lord and the afternoon Gamma World. I look forward to the next occassion.

      28. Sorry you can't make it Carrie! Hopefully next time!

      29. Carrie, I suppose if you could make it in the evening I can try my hand at a 10 person D&D game. Haven't had a group like that since high school, but if I could handle it then...

      30. Wow, time flies and we are getting close!

      31. Would like to reserve a seat at the AFTERNOON SESSION (2pm-6pm) with DM: Joseph Goodman (Goodman Games). Thanks!

        Joel A

      32. I can bring a few folding chairs. Also, does anybody live in the area around CSULB or Long Beach City College that would want to meet in one of those places to carpool?

      33. @Staples - I believe Nick Bielick is located in Long Beach. Perhaps you can contact him through his Castle Dragonscar blog...

      34. Unfortunately some work came up that I can't turn down.

        Fortunately there is an alternate for the only game I am still signed up for.

        Have fun. :(
        Joseph Limbaugh

      35. Had a BLAST at SoCal Mini-Con III. Thanks again to the organizers for the event, and Joseph Goodman running DCC RPG. Looking forward to future events (which I'll bring food. Promise!)


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