Friday, July 2, 2010

Beasts Creep From the Cloud Mines

We had a nice ~2hr Labyrinth Lord session last night. This was the 14th session in the campaign. Sadly, this campaign has significantly slowed in the last several months owing to real life issues among various participants, including childbirth, illness, the holidays, etc. Damn, we're old people! Last year we were gaming at a decent clip, playing pretty regularly every two weeks. Now it’s like once every month or two. My wife (who plays in the game) and I are expecting a baby July 16, so I suppose this will slow things down even more for a while as we make time for a new kind of adventure.

Session 13, which I never posted on, saw a mostly different party of players explore the first level of the cloud mines on the game-day after the group from Session 12. There was only one PC overlapping between sessions 12 and 13 – the cleric Philina. I thought it would be a fun experiment to have two separate parties indirectly interacting in the same world, yet having little or no direct contact – a bit like in the movie No Country for Old Men where the villain and protagonist never directly encounter each other. There’s nothing novel about this, but I’ve never personally tried it before.

Last night’s game primarily took place outside the forest village of Penelia, in the pine-shadowed coven grounds of the Penelion Sisterhood (of which Philina and Merryn are young members). Some of the translucently-skinned ape creatures the party encountered in the haunted cloud mines two days earlier had tracked the players back to the village and attacked them at night. This nighttime battle was won by the players with no casualties, but it lead to a sense of urgency because terrible and lethal things were now creeping forth from the cloud mines and killing innocents (one of the young sisters was slain in the night as the party fought the beasts - a very sad scene actually). The second half of the game was mostly detectivish problem-solving roleplaying, much of it taking place in an early morning Sisterhood council. Hypotheses were discussed, strategies proposed, and experiments were conducted on mysterious items previously recovered from the cloud mines (most of the players are scientists in real life).

At the end of the session the party packed up and headed back to the mines. They’ll dive in during the next session on Friday (hopefully - unless we have a baby before then)!


  1. Sounds like a fun adventure, and an interesting structure. Plus there's translucent-skinned primates, and really, how can you go wrong with that? ;)

  2. I like the new layout. :)

    I love LL. I believe that the rules-light nature of the system really facilitates role-play and story development.


  3. Congratulations on the baby! If it is your first, I'd recommend clearing your calendar for the first eight weeks or so after it is born.

    Sounds like a great game.

  4. @mike - Yeah, it's our first. My wife and I are going to try not to become hermits though. One of the players in this campaign had her first baby several months ago, and she just brought it along to games for the first month or two, before the sleep schedule stabilized. Once we even had some breast feeding going on at the table in the middle of a game!