Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Cyclopeatron's Dungeon Home c. 1986

Last weekend I was digging through some of the boxes of crap I've accumulated over the years. I found a sheaf of artwork and stories from when I was 11-12 years old (1986-1987). One of the funniest things in the stash was this Dream Dungeon map I made. Sadly, the plans for the compound are incomplete, but some aspects of it are fairly well-developed:


"Cybergraph Stadiam" - I believe this is supposed to be a large stadium for playing holographic Atari and Nintendo games.

"Gaurds" - Of course, a crack corps of guards should always be on watch to protect my comic book collection from invaders! I especially like the bathroom with the two toilets - perhaps one is a bidet?

Carl's Jr. - Across the hall from the guardroom is a Carl's Jr. where the guards can get fried zucchini with ranch dressing 24/7. Keeps up morale.

Secret Comic Book Room - In the back corner of the library is a secret door to the best comic book collection in the universe. Note the gigantic bean bag in the middle of the comic collection to recline upon while reading Doctor Strange or ROM Spaceknight.

Dungeon With Pet Dragon - Of course! You can even see the manacles on the wall!

Stables - Stables preferred over a garage because (1) horses are cooler than cars, and (2) it's illegal for 11-year-olds to drive in California.


  1. haha, that's awesome! love the comic room and dragon picture on the map.

  2. Love the bean bag. Just make sure the dragon doesn't learn about the comic book room and his lack of access to the best comic collection in the universe... or your guards might be pulled away from Carl's to fight a cranky dragon.

  3. Awesome! That's pretty much 1986, all right. But we know no Carl Jr.'s here, only Hardees. ;)

  4. Secret comic book room = super awesome!

  5. The Carl's Jr. is genius. I'll have a double western chee, please. :)