Monday, September 30, 2013

Best Superhero Flick?

Mr. Gorgonmilk was wondering about trends in the quality of superhero movies. I'm not a big movie guy - actually I hate almost all movies - so I admit that I couldn't think of many superhero movies that transcended being merely watchable. I did, however, recall this scene from 1978...

Cinema doesn't get much better than this... At least in the opinion of Cyclopeatron...

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Brief Log of Catheign Sessions

Friday night was Session 7 of our Cloud Mines of Catheign OD&D game. Below is a brief log of sessions, localities, and loot for the campaign, primarily for the benefit of those involved in the game. Hopefully I'll get to post some better descriptions and illustrations related to the game, but unfortunately it's been hard for me to find much time for blogging these days...

Primary PCs:
Bas – human thief (played by Reese of Kingdom's in Trevail)
Dvinsfeldfar – gnome MU
Broom - human cleric (played by Nathan of Secrets of the Shadowend)
Gemma - fighting dwarf
Kale - fighting man

Occasional PCs (currently residing at Inn in Tilman’s Grove):
Skuldge - human MU (played by Greg of Gorgonmilk)
Rufus – Fighting ½ giant

PCs gone or dead:
Sillus – fighting lizard man of Peis
Nix – cleric, left Catheign
Flurd – MU, left Catheign
Hu – fighting man, RIP

Session 1
            Arrival at Tilman’s Grove, Catheign
            Triangulation of cloud mine, initial foray up to first level
            Janis and Filby hired to join party
            RIP Hu and Filby
            Items recovered:
                        Goggles of Seeing Through Dense Mist
                        Some minimal goblin coinage

Session 2
Meia and Janis join party
            Thorough exploration of first level of cloud mine
            Goblin fights
            Ghoul falls from sky onto roof of first level
            Items recovered:
                        6 gold ingots
                        Scroll: ESP
                        Mic. Jewelry worn my vain goblins
                        Silver dagger with ancient script

Session 3
            Discovery and initial exploration of High Star Garden
            Zymos moondial, Gadeaxe stardial, Orchid of the cloud fountain
            Confrontation with ghouls seeking Dvin’s snuffbox
            Borgus the goblin, and his basket of black mushrooms
            Items recovered:
                        4 gold bracelets

Session 4
            Initial exploration of Low Pyramid of High Star Garden
            Room of animated mosaics
            Gol stonecutter Frammus
            Battle with Mielle’s Guard
            Death of Meia
            Items recovered:
                        Unidentified fungus
                        2 ancient, inscribed short swords
                        gold bracelet
                        90 gp
                        ring of feather fall
                        MU scroll: magic missle, invisibility
                        Dagger (unremarkable)
                        Meia’s Gem
Session 5
            Exploration of low pyramid
Note from Mielle and encounter with Mielle’s projection
            (stopped session in burnt library)
            Items recovered:
                        Small silver effigy of fine workmanship
                        124 platinum pieces

Session 6
            Continued exploration of low pyramid         
Chased Mielle to shanties as base of observatory tower
            Crash of wasp-covered wooden orb into the star garden
            Discovery of excavation at base of observatory tower and undercloud river
Session 7
            Spiked down excavation wall to undercloud river
            Encounter with self assembling skeletal bridge
Ghoul encounter
            Broom paralyzed by ghoul, almost drowns
            Small island with old statue
            Items recovered:
Finely engraved orb map of unknown planet