Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Weird Hallucinations in Friskies Adventureland

Hopefully I'm not departing too far from the weird art theme of this web log by pointing out Friskie's new "Adventureland" cat food commercial. This animated bit of feline phantasmagoria lies somewhere between a psilocybin hallucination and a weird fiction daydream. The lucky little cat in this spot must truly be Ultharian.

Check out the wicker fish ship, the floating windmill islands, the hermit crab port guardians, the goldfish in the lighthouse, and the weird chicken band surrounding the interdimensional portal leading to the moist cat food. Very nice!

Slate wrote up an interesting commentary on this commercial, trying to find out why in the world Purina would make such a thing. The most poignant excerpt:

"Feeding wet," as Schlueter calls it, can for some owners be a highly ritualized and intimate pet interaction. The pop of the can primes kitty for excitement. The scents that escape set feline nostrils aflutter. This is a time for cats and owners to bond over a heap of moist, processed meat. And, according to Schlueter, many owners like to imagine what their cats are feeling and thinking during these moments of culinary ecstasy. This trippy ad, which is for wet food, is meant to capture the altered consciousness of the cat—the sensually heightened bliss it derives from chewing on a pile of damp Friskies.


  1. That was cool. I want to go there now. *looks for a can of Friskies*

  2. Yeah, I tried huffing some Friskies last night, but the effects were not quite what I desired. All I got was an acidic burning sensation in my sinus, then the next thing I knew I was on the floor hyperventilating with glistening brownness all over my nose and mouth...

  3. I was sold once hallucinogens were mentioned.

    It is a very curious commercial. The day I think my cats experience that is the day I start eating cat food.


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