Tuesday, January 11, 2011

My Upcoming Sessions at L.A. Orccon (Feb 19)

I just got a confirmation email from the Orccon RPG organizer. I will be running two games at the con, both on Saturday, Feb 19. Online game sign-up for Orccon begins January 29, so if you're keen to play in one of these sessions be sure to sign up before hand. My last couple convention games filled up very quickly and I had to turn players away.

Feb 19, 8pm: Asteroid Crypts of the Xylbocx Starcult
Original D&D (+ Spelljammer). Your party has uncovered a lost text originating from the ancient Xylbocx Starcult. This document contains remarkable instructions for constructing a spacefaring wizard tower and for navigating the tower wizardship to a mysterious asteroid. As the first adventurers in centuries to voyage between worlds, what deeper secrets will you learn about traversing the stars? Will whatever starry disaster that befell the Starcult aeons ago also threaten your own expedition?

Feb 19, 2pm: Mutants of Metal vs. Ratt Punx
Original Gamma World. As your touring mutant heavy metal band takes a breather in an idyllic island village, a group of rickety boats filled with Ratt Punx appears at the harbor. You soon discover that the Punx are systematically getting the local island kids addicted to radioactive cough medicine. You must join forces with the angry moms of the island to protect the children and lead them down the righteous metal path. This will be a continuation of the Heavy Metalpocalypse game from the SoCal Mini-Con III. Previous players are welcome to bring and use their characters!

I'll post some more background on these scenarios over the coming weeks.

On a related note, I made a new static page to keep track of my upcoming public games at cons, gamesdays, etc. Click here to check it out.

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  1. If I were still living in CA I would definitely be going in for this. I used to go to Strategicon and Orccon all the time. I may have even played in one of your games without ever knowing it. That Gamma World game sounds like a lot of fun. Best of luck with your party of mutant freaks :)


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