Friday, January 28, 2011

Spelljamming for Reals

On January 20 NASA's new NanoSail-D unfurled it's solar sails. This craft is literally propelled by pressure from sunlight. NanoSail-D will re-enter the atmosphere in April or May, but until then it will occasionally be visible to the naked eye. I love you, NASA.


  1. neato. I wonder why the prez didn't mention something cool like this in the state of the union address.

  2. Recommended/tangentially related: Vance's "Sail 25" short.

  3. Frikkin awesome! Now all I need to do is get my brain transplanted into that immortal robot body so I can live to see humanity use this tech to populate the cosmos!

    @JDJarvis: because our government assumes the general public to be f-tards and tech like this would cause mass brain bleed if the masses tried to comprehend...


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