Friday, January 28, 2011

Old School RPG Gameday in SoCal: March 20

Attention Southern California!

We are going to have an informal old school RPG game day at the Olde Ship British Pub in Santa Ana on Sunday March 20.

So far on the menu - besides English ales and meat pies - we have Original D&D sessions being run by Brunomac and Trent Foster, and a Gamma World session being run by yours truly. The event is still a few months away, so be sure to keep checking THE OFFICIAL WEBSITE for details and updates. If you want to play or run a session please also refer to THE OFFICIAL WEBSITE.

The event will be FREE, but participants are asked to please buy meals and drinks to make it worthwhile for The Olde Ship. Don't worry - their food (and atmosphere) is quite awesome!


  1. As a Brit in South California I have to say that I am really quite excited about this. I will be there.

  2. It's still a few months away but we already have at least a couple people signed up for each game. This should be good!


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