Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Jim Ward To Start Monthly D&D Game At Lake Geneva Games

Here's a big opportunity for those of you within driving distance of Lake Geneva, Wisconsin: Jim Ward is interested in starting a monthly Saturday D&D game at Lake Geneva Games. The store is looking to get a critical mass of players signed up before they commit to setting dates, however. I'd encourage anyone in the area to sign up for this! Heck, I'd even drive from Chicago to be part of something like this.

For those of you who don't know, Ward is the original creator of Gamma World (1978) and Metamorphosis Alpha (1976), and co-authored the original D&D supplement Gods, Demi-Gods, and Heroes (1976). He's a creative genius and a living legend.

Contact Lake Geneva Games to tell them you support the game. You can also click on this link and "like" Jim Ward's game on the Lake Geneva Games Facebook page. Jim has been having some health problems lately, so even if you can't play in his game this simple show of support may be encouraging!

Lake Geneva Games
918 S. Wells St.
Lake Geneva, WI, 53147

(262) 885-1515


  1. I might have to sit in on a game! I'm in Madison so it's not too far.

  2. hm, I'm only about 1400 miles away. I bet I could make a session or two!

  3. Dang, what an opportuniy. Wish I was nearby.


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