Thursday, September 9, 2010

Wil Wheaton says Gamma World "a little too gonzo for me"

Geek tastemaker, console gaming connoisseur, and Wizards of the Coast spokesmodel Wil Wheaton played a high-profile game of the new Dungeons and Dragons 4e "Gamma World" expansion! Click here to read all about it!

Sounds like a fun session! I'm actually quite happy that a roleplaying game where you can play a talking mutated plant is getting such high level exposure! Come to think of it, I'm happy that ANY tabletop RPG would get this kind of attention.

Wheaton's final analysis of the game?
"My takeaway from Gamma World: I wouldn't want to play an entire campaign, because it's just a little too gonzo for me, but I think three or four sessions (would you call that a mini-campaign?) as a break from my regular game would be perfect."
Fair enough. I personally would love to play in an epic Gamma World campaign, but that's just me!

(And, no, I didn't post that Cyclopeatron link in Wheaton's comments, although I admit I'm flattered someone saw fit to do so!)


  1. Hey congrats on the shout out--that's cool! It looks like in the comments he enjoyed it even more than he let on in his post.

    Here's hoping GW makes a bit of a comeback--something I would think would generate interest in Mutant Future, Encounter Critical, and older editions of GW.

  2. More gonzo than regular 4e? Does it come with a clown nose?

  3. @Jay: Yeah, it seems like he had a blast! Anyone who enjoys pretending they are a talking pine tree with laser eyes for several hours would probably be pretty easy for me to get along with! Way to go Wil!

    I'm definitely rooting for a Gamma World comeback in whatever form it takes! Especially if there are miniatures involved!

  4. So he thinks it's too gonzo yet the guy shows up to Pax in a man-skirt/utili-kilt. Note to big nerds: that whack look will haunt you in the future.


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