Saturday, September 11, 2010

Ranking the Most Popular OSR Blogs provides a list of all the blogs I am following as well as how many followers each blog has. I have to admit I'm kind of a bibliometrics junkie, so I couldn't resist cutting-and-pasting this list into a spreadsheet and sorting the blogs based on followers in order to get an idea of which old school roleplaying-related blogs are being read the most.

Please realize that I'm not making any claims that this is an exhaustive or well-curated list because (1) I've surely missed some blogs, (2) it may be arguable whether or not some of these blogs are really old school-centric (e.g. "Playing D&D With Porn Stars", "Dungeon Mistress", and "Destination Unknown" only occasionally have old school related stuff, but they still tend to be popular with old school readers), and (3) blogs not on are not included. I'm also not making any claims this list has anything to do with blog quality - in fact, some of my personal favorites didn't even make the list. Anyway, for what it's worth, here's what I got for the old schoolish blogs with 50 followers or more:

1GROGNARDIA - 628 followers
2Playing D&D With Porn Stars - 504 followers
3Jeffs Gameblog - 366 followers
4LotFP: RPG - 250 followers
5Beyond the Black Gate - 221 followers
6ChicagoWiz's RPG Blog - 218 followers
7Lord of the Green Dragons - 212 followers
8The Society of Torch, Pole and Rope - 178 followers
9Monsters and Manuals - 173 followers
10A Paladin in Citadel - 164 followers
11B/X Blackrazor - 161 followers
12Dungeons and Digressions - 158 followers
13The Hopeless Gamer - 152 followers
14Bat in the Attic - 146 followers
15The Underdark Gazette - 145 followers
16Trollsmyth - 143 followers
17Greyhawk Grognard - 141 followers
18Swords Against the Outer Dark - 126 followers
19The Grand Tapestry - 118 followers
20Ode to Black Dougal - 117 followers
21Tankards & Broadswords - 112 followers
22How to Start a Revolution in 21 Days or Less - 109 followers
23TEMPLE OF DEMOGORGON - 109 followers
24Akratic Wizardry - 106 followers
25OEF - 105 followers
26Sham's Grog 'n Blog - 99 followers
27Daddy Grognard - 96 followers
28Cyclopeatron - 96 followers
29Joethelawyer's Wondrous Imaginings - 93 followers
30Telecanter's Receding Rules - 92 followers
31The Savage AfterWorld - 91 followers
32PLANET ALGOL - 90 followers
33Gothridge Manor - 88 followers
34The Warlock's Home Brew - 83 followers
35Destination Unknown - 81 followers
36Havards Blackmoor Blog - 79 followers
37The Other Side blog - 79 followers
38Green Skeleton Gaming Guild - 75 followers
39Uhluht'c Awakens - 74 followers
40Delta's D&D Hotspot - 73 followers
41From the Sorcerer's Skull - 73 followers
42It's okayl Gary sent us. - 72 followers
43Dungeonmum - 70 followers
44Save Vs. Poison - 70 followers
45Troll and Flame - 70 followers
46THE LAND OF NOD - 69 followers
47SANDBOX EMPIRE - 65 followers
48Axe & Hammer - 64 followers
49Dungeonskull Mountain - 62 followers
50Grimmhaus - 62 followers
51Vaults of Nagoh - 61 followers
52Aeons & Augauries - 59 followers
53Warning - Mutagenic Substance - 58 followers
54Sickly Purple Death Ray - 57 followers
55Dungeon Mistress - 55 followers
56HUGE RUINED PILE - 53 followers
57Risus Monkey - 52 followers
58Weird Worlds of Geoffrey McKinney - 52 followers
59Bite The Bulette - 50 followers


  1. 92 followers, for what its worth. Still trying to break 100

  2. Interesting stuff. Thanks for compiling the list. I see a couple of blogs I missed along the way.

  3. Those numbers are pretty amazing (and awesome) compared to the early days.

  4. Scott's right. Even since I've been hanging around its seems like the "sea level's" been rising and raising all boats.

  5. A Paladin in Citadel - 164
    B/X Blackrazor - 161
    Greyhawk Grognard - 141
    Akratic Wizardry - 106
    Daddy Grognard - 96

    I'm too fuzzy to investigate further.

  6. Wow, looks like I just snuck in on that list. Pretty sweet. It is very interesting to see the stats and how quickly ramp up near the top of the list. Lot of bloggy love to spread around, though.

  7. @Joe and James: Woah! Sorry about those embarrassing omissions! Problem fixed!

    If anyone else spots omissions please let me know! There's been a lot of interest in this post, so maybe later in the week I'll make a similar list for all ~150 blogs I've found.

  8. I'm no longer unlucky 13. That now falls to The Hopeless Gamer.

  9. My plan to blog like a ninja is succeeding!

  10. I see a few blogs on there that I follow so I guess I can claim that I stood up and was counted! whooohooo! Neat list!

  11. I despise the "Following" widget. Save a page offline to a personal database program like Yojimbo on the Mac and then try to read it later and the damn "Friend Connect" widget opens a browser window to connect to the web—which is annoying when you aren't online (and yes, some of us turn off our net connections so we can get things done!).

    Instead subscribe by RSS feed. Any way to count the RSS followers?

  12. Any way to count the RSS followers?

    You can through Google Reader at least. I'd be surprised if other subscription services didn't also provide such information.

  13. Up to 98 now - thanks for the nod. I've unaccountably overlooked your blog till now - sorted now!

    Trey is certainly right about the "raising all boats" phenomenon.

    FWIW my blogroll has 178 blogs on it.

    Guess I'd better get blogging some more!

  14. :(

    Asshat Paladins didn't make the top 59. With only 30 followers and a few articles on Labyrinth Lord, I guess that will probably put me in the 100s.

    Oh, well. I must console myself with gaming in awesome-sauce games instead.


  15. Is it your intention to keep this list updated or is it just a snapshot of where we stand now?

  16. @Matthew S.: I'm sure there are excellent alternatives to the Follower widget, but I haven't put much energy into looking into them. I have no idea how to assess how many people read my blog (or any others) as an RSS feed. I do get the impression, however, that I have ~50+ followers that are using some method other than the Folower widget, as some of my posts will get 150+ hits from "returning users" according to the hit counter.

    @James M.: I made a half-assed attempt to do this with Google Reader, but I couldn't figure it out... That's okay though, may main goal was to find any number to use as a rough proxy for reader interest. I am sure that no matter how you crunch it you will always be king, though, and for good reason!

    @Daddy G.: This is just a snapshot and I don't really intend to keep this particular post updated. There seems to be a lot of interest in this post, though, judging from the number of pageloads, so I might periodically post refreshed "rankings". Also, like I said before, I'll aim to post a more comprehensive ranked list of all the OSR blogs I follow.

  17. @ Cyclopeatron: Wow. And now I'm up to 163. Pretty rarified air up there. Thanks for the list!


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