Monday, September 27, 2010

A Brief Dream of Hell

A few nights ago I dreamed that I was in Hell. In my dream Hell was an vast subterranean hotel. Close to the surface was Level A - on this level each hotel room held the soul of a dead person whose last name began with the letter A. The next level down was B, etc.

My last name begins with R, so I took the elevator down to Floor R hoping to find some of my ancient ancestors to chat with. I was walking through a dimly lit carpeted hallway lined with doors when I realized it would be hard to find any of my kinfolk without knowing their specific room numbers - I needed a directory!

As I was trying to find the Phone Book of Souls, I ended up being informed by a doctor overlooking the residents of Floor R that I had strayed too deep into Hell and that I would have to stay there forever, so I might as well find a room for myself.

Luckily I had a Moustache Phone with me, so I was able to call up four Moustache Commandos to distract the doctor while I made my getaway to the lobby on the surface. This part of the dream was really exciting. Like a spy thriller.

Unfortunately I never got to look inside any of the rooms before I made my escape. During the dream I was actually wondering to myself what the hotel rooms of my Neandertal ancestors would look like...


  1. Extra! Extra!

    Sleeping Gamer's Brain Gives Birth to Over the Edge Mini-Campaign! Regular Readers Ecstatic! Other Readers Who Remember Few If Any Dreams Unusually Downcast!

  2. Have you been eating Eli's Whiskey Cheese before bedtime?

  3. Hey man, it's my blog and I can post what I want!

    Didn't you get the moral of the story? Always carry your Moustache Phone!

  4. That would make a great beginning/hook for a Buffy adventure.

  5. OT*, but could "Eating the Whiskey Cheese" be a fresher and substantially less lame version of "Drinking the Kool-aid"?

    Like, "Anyone who blogs favourably about [product X] is just Eating the [company Y] Whiskey Cheese?"

    * or is it? Dun, dun duu-uhn.

  6. Cy was actually listening to Hotel California at the time and everything went crazy.

    BTW, don't you just love the word verification sometimes? This time I got "coodslog!"

  7. My other sword is also a Moustache Phone.
    - Tavis

  8. This the revenge that is wrought, for you inducing me into having that relentless fever-dream about "Mutants of Metal" when I was sick a few weeks back.

    What fun fever-dream though, thanks!