Monday, September 27, 2010

A Few Items for L.A. / O.C. Gamers

Just a few brief items for local gamers:

1. Starship Valkyrie, the incredible sci-fi LARP/simulation by Christian Brown, has announced games for the Saturdays of Oct 23, Nov 6, and Nov 13. These games will be from 6-11pm, and will occur in Culver City. The turnout was high for the last two games, and they are now charging $20/ head. These games should be fabulous and I will try very hard to attend at least one of them. Click here for contact and RSVP info.

2. Joe Goodman will be running playtests of his new AD&D-inspired Dungeon Crawl Classics game on Sunday October 24 at DiceHouse Games in Fullerton. I understand that there will be a morning session and an afternoon session. This is being hosted by the Dead Gamers Society meetup group. Click here to sign up for the 10:00am session. Click here to sign up for the 3pm session.

3. The U.C. Irvine roleplaying club will begin its Monday 7pm meetings today. This group is open anyone and everyone - no affiliation with UCI is required. If there is interest, I might try to run a biweekly game of OD&D or Empire of the Petal Throne at this event. I will update you all if this happens. Click here for the club's Facebook page.

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