Saturday, May 29, 2010

LeBrun's Animal People c. 1806

Speaking of mutated humanoid animals, you might enjoy these 1806 engravings representing the work of Charles Le Bruns (1619-1690).

L.-J.-M. Morel d'Arleux
Dissertation sur un Traité de Charles Lebrun concernant le Rapport de la Physionomie Humaine avec Celle des Animaux 
Paris, Chalcographie du Musée Napoléon, 1806


  1. Interesting...and sort of creepy.

  2. these are genius. what an amazing find. strangely the rabbit-man is the most scary. The owl guy made me lol

  3. Those are excellent. I was a couple days away of usingthem in a post about the "Beastmen of Nabu".

  4. Glad you all enjoyed them! I used a couple of them for Gamma World pregen character sheets. I'll post these within the next few days.

  5. These are great1 There's a guy at my work who looks just like the eagle dude. Creepy! :O


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