Monday, May 17, 2010

Running Gamma World at Gamex 2010

This is just a little advertisement that I will be running a session of 1st edition Gamma World at Gamex 2010, one of L.A.'s biggest gaming conventions. The con runs over Memorial Day Weekend, May 28-31. My Gamma World session will be Sunday, May 30, 2-6pm. Here's the description for my session (and the image that inspired it):

The Floating Castle of the Wasp Women!

After the apocalypse your village found peace and safety on a sky island floating far above the radiation-soaked world below. No time to relax, though, my mutated friends! Your village is under attack by wasp women seeking to purloin your precious gravitron matrix generator – the ancient device keeping your village afloat! Can you and your small band of mutant warriors fend off the wasps, rescue the gravitron, and save the sky island? This will be a fast-paced session of TSR’s classic 1978 game GAMMA WORLD!

This should be a great con for RPGs! Robert Lionheart is going to be running a bunch of old school games of Traveller and Tunnels and Trolls. Also, the L.A. Dead Gamers Society will be out in force with high-quality World of Darkness weirdness, including some supernatural WWII-themed sessions run by Steve Ramirez!


  1. Wish I could make it down for some good old GW and Traveller!

  2. L.A. is so lucky! They get all the hottest wasp women!

  3. I am guessing the poster illustration will not be mere hyperbole in your module!

  4. @Roger: No sir! And hopefully the game will be a lot better than the movie, too!

    I'm aiming to do a play-test of the adventure later this week. I'll post an update about how it goes.


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