Friday, April 15, 2011

STOKED! My North Texas RPG Con Schedule!

Sign-ups for the North Texas RPG Con game sessions went live last night at midnight! I'm so hippidy-jippidy that I was able to squeeze into such a remarkable series of sessions. Here's my schedule, ending with a game I'm DMing myself...

Thurs PM
Kyrinn Eis
Urutusk - World of Mystery
Fri AM
Matt Finch
Swords & Wizardry
Fri PM
Paul Jaquays
Sat AM
Erol Otus
Sat PM
Tim Kask
Original D&D
Sun AM
Original D&D

My biggest regret was that I had to choose between Jim Ward's Metamorphosis Alpha game and Erol Otus' AD&D game on Saturday. I couldn't resist taking a place at Otus' table though - I'm such a slavering admirer of his illustration work and early D&D supplements like Necronomican and this is such a rare opportunity because he rarely (never) makes public appearances.

Another beautiful thing is that one of my favorite bloggers, Tavis Allison, will be a player in the Jaquays and Otus sessions. Great!

On a final note, I'm flattered to already have a couple people signed up for my Sunday morning Xylbocx Starcult OD&D session! I have to admit I feel a little intimidated about running a game at a con with a VIP list like this. I'll work hard to make it a dandy run!

Many thanks to Doug Rhea and Mike Badolato for setting up this event! I hope to see some of you there!


  1. wow that's a awesome line up!

  2. Jaquays' and Ward's were the two events that I definitely wanted to be able to play, since I haven't played RQ before, and haven't played MA under Jim before. Should be a blast! :D


  3. I can't decide whether I should be jazzed about the awesomeness I managed to get into (by dint of setting my alarm to wake myself up at 1 am, and then hitting refresh a lot), or the ones I missed out on & haven't had the chance to play with at GaryCon before. Your game wasn't ever an option because we're running opposite one another, but it kills me to miss it all the same; likewise Allan's, as both you and he were so much fun to have as players in things I've run that I really want to have the opposite experience; and the decision to hope I can catch arch-druid Dennis Sustare and Paul Elkman's Inferno next year was by no means easy.
    - Tavis

  4. I can't decide whether I should be jazzed about the awesomeness I managed to get into, or the ones I missed out on

    Definitely... I know the feeling. All the concurrently scheduled games mean that we're forced to miss out on a lot of amazing stuff. It kind of breaks my heart to see all the sessions I'm missing out on.

    I'm at least hopeful that the sessions I'm playing in don't go the whole time so I can wander around a bit to watch some of the other games.

  5. Wow! I'm jealous! Have fun with Erol Otus!

  6. Sweet! Have a great time, dude! Don't think about the ones you can't make, just party down for the ones you can!

  7. @ Tavis: there will always be next year, at GaryCon, or NTX, or other old school gatherings, I'm sure! :D


  8. PS: Don't forget about the K&K social gathering on Thursday night, too!:


  9. Please. Please. Please get a photo of yourself with Erol Otus. I don't know if you'd venture to ask for an autograph, but c'mon.

    A photo of you and him would make me LOL myself to death, my friend.

  10. Unreal. I cant believe you get to play with these guys.

  11. I am excited to have you in my game, Cyclo. :D

    Those other games sound great. :D

  12. This year I really do hope they make a better job of videotaping the game sessions as I'm really interested to see how Paul Jaquays and Erol Otus are as GM's.

  13. It's going to be great to finally meet you and Tavis! That does look like a great lineup. Be warned, Timeshadows' Urutsk game is apparently much like a cult, judging from the number of players last year that played it and nothing else for every session it will suck you in!

    Part of the appeal of this con is the number of special guests and the leisurely lay out of sessions (only 8 slots twice a day). Gives people plenty of time to schmooze with the living legends. And on the whole they are very approachable folk...don't feel bad about getting anyone to sign your stuff, the last two cons I had Rob Kuntz, Dennis Sustare (Bunnies & Burrows!), and Paul Jaquays sign pretty much anything and everything they ever did for me! This year I'm pulling out the Erol Otus and Jeff Dee goodies.....

  14. It sounds like a great time and that line up is impressive. Almost too much to take in at once but that's what conventions are for, to be gluttons for gaming.

  15. Sounds amazing! That is one thing that's seriously lacking in the UK / European old-school RPG world -- the "founding fathers". We have Steve Jackson & Ian Livingstone, but all the D&D founders are in the US (as far as I know).

    Have fun! :)


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