Thursday, April 7, 2011

My Player's Rad Homemade Miniature! IMPROVED PHOTO!

For our whitebox session last Sunday one of the players surprised everyone and brought along a homemade miniature of his character Franklin, Cleric of the Zymosian Time Demon! Check it out:

The player said that the hardest part about making the mini was getting it to stand on it's OWN TWO FEET! How many (non-Lego) minis have you used that stand on two feet? Awesome! The other cool thing is that the mini is wearing plate-mail underpants and you can switch around the torches and weapons!

This player is a crafty guy who does a lot of modeling (check out his blog : archaotics) and also does awesome stop-action animation:

By the way, another player (Mackie the Fighting Man) in the game also does some animation. I'll pimp his work while I'm at it:


  1. These are great - I glopped them onto my facebook so innocent bystanders might see!

  2. Awesome!

    I've made some miniatures from FIMO, but I mounted them on bases.

  3. Thanks for posting! It was a lot of fun making the little guy, and I expect to make more miniatures in the same vein when time allows. I posted some more pictures of Franklin as well as some info on the materials I used on my blog,

  4. I posted some more pictures of Franklin as well as some info on the materials I used on my blog,

    Cool! I hope you don't mind... I swiped the photo off your blog to improve this post!

  5. @ Stuart. That's awesome. Do you have any pics? I'd really like to see other hand-made-for-role-playing figures and items.

    It would be nice if it were possible to see a whole bunch of that kinda stuff in one place!

  6. Here you go :)

    Sculpting Miniatures for D&D with Polymer Clay (A pretty big Earth Elemental)

    Tips for Making Minis with Polymer Clay (Skeletor looking guy at 28mm)

    Those were from a while back. More recently...

    Shaolin Monk

    K-9 :D

  7. Oh man, that is some awesome shiznit!

    Has a very old school D&D art look too.