Monday, January 24, 2011

Asteroid Crypts of the Xylbocx Starcult - OD&D in Space

Travelers on a wooden tower wizardship inspect the dead eyes of a supergiant face transplanted onto an asteroid. Dead supergiant eyes were used as telescopes by the Xylbocx Starcult.

At Orccon (L.A., Feb 19) and North Texas RPG Con (Dallas, June 5) I'll be running Original Dungeons & Dragons set in space. CLICK HERE for convention details. My little con blurb is:
ASTEROID CRYPTS OF THE XYLBOCX STARCULT. Your party has uncovered a lost text originating from the ancient Xylbocx Starcult. This document contains remarkable instructions for constructing a spacefaring wizard tower and for navigating the tower wizardship to a mysterious asteroid. As the first adventurers in centuries to voyage between worlds, what deeper secrets will you learn about traversing the stars? Will whatever starry disaster that befell the Starcult aeons ago also threaten your own expedition?
I'll be applying some basic starfaring core rules from Spelljammer to guide elements of gaming in freefall. I will not, however, be using most of the Spelljammer campaign background. A few initial setting notes for curious readers:

1. These adventures will be set very early in the history of wizardly starfaring. Discovery will be a key theme. Although a few wizards associated with the Starcult ventured off-planet a century before the games occur, what floats in the void is completely unknown to the adventurers.

2. Wizardships tend to be small, light, and made of wood or glass. It simply takes too much magical energy to move large ships. Most wizards prefer to fly in small wooden towers, although some also travel in gas-filled glass spheres or flashing clouds.

3. Starflight is easy, but navigation is difficult and requires the composition and/or consultation of navigation scrolls. Xylbocx found it convenient to use the dead eyes of supergiants as telescopes (see picture) in order to identify specks in the void to travel to.