Friday, July 16, 2010

For Aphex Twin Fans

Cool steel drum version of Alberto Balsam:

If you've never heard of Aphex Twin before, start by watching this Windowlicker video. The music starts at about 4:30, but the whole video is entertaining. WARNING: PROFANITY!


  1. Love Aphex Twin. And IDM/brandance in general. I posted that steel drum cover to my FB a couple days ago.

  2. Er, braindance. Brandance sounds like a bad idea.

  3. If you like the work of Richard D. James( aka Aphex Twin) you should also check out the films of Chris Cunningham as well. He' the director of Windowlicker as well as " Rubber Johnny" and " Come to Daddy". Both are Aphex Twin tracks and equality as amazing( and terrifying) as well.

  4. @iron - Yessir! Thank heavens for Chris Cunningham!


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