Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The Floating Castle of the Wasp Women! Redux: August 22!

Back by popular demand! I will be running my Gamma World scenario Floating Castle of the Wasp Women at a Dead Gamers Society game day at Cal State Fullerton on Sunday, August 22, starting at 1pm.

Sign up here (may require you make a Meetup.com account if you haven't already):


There were a lot of great concurrent sessions at Gamex 2010, and it was often difficult to choose what game sessions to attend. On top of that that a lot of the sessions filled up very quickly, so many players had to miss out on some cool roleplaying. Louis of the Dead Gamers Society Meetup group had the great idea to have a Summer Reruns game day where GMs could run their previous convention games for the benefit of those who missed out the first time around. In addition to my Gamma World game, Mike Cantin will be running a 1970s teenage slasher Word of Darkness game, which should be splendid.

Feel free to email me (via my Blogger Profile) if you have any questions.

Thanks to reader Troy Z for the picture of this stunningly rare Vectrex cartridge!

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