Tuesday, March 15, 2011

GAME DAY REMINDER: OD&D and Ale This Sunday in Santa Ana!

This is just a reminder that we are having an old school RPG day in Santa Ana (California) this Sunday! Three games will be going down. Two OD&D sessions run by Brunomac and Trent Foster, respectively, and a Gamma World session run by yours truly. Gaming starts at 11am and will probably go until 10 or 11pm.

One of the coolest aspects of this event is the location: The Olde Ship British Pub and Restaurant in Santa Ana. This place has awesome atmosphere, food, and ale. The event is FREE but we ask that you please purchase food and drink and tip the servers well if you attend.

CLICK HERE for further details and to check the RSVP status for the various games. As of now there are still a few seats open for OD&D, but the Gamma World session is full. I will jot down alternate names for any events in case of no shows.

Even if you can't break off time to game with us feel free to come by to say "Hi!" and put an ale or meat pie in your face!


  1. I love both OS gaming and British Ales, but live on the wrong side of the continent. I am jealous.

  2. I would truly, genuinely deeply like to attend, but I've swamped myself with work.

    If I somehow wrap work up by then, is doing anything last minute out of the question?

  3. If I somehow wrap work up by then, is doing anything last minute out of the question?

    Nothing's out of the question. If my table's not totally full I'm cool with drop-in players. Email me if you think you know when you might be able to come...

  4. I live on the other side of the country, so I wont be there. :( It sounds awesome though!

  5. My "squeeee" meter is pretty much in the red. Can't wait!


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