Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Arduin Boxed Set c. 1981

Arduin - the OTHER 3 little brown books! Heck, it even says ORIGINAL EDITION on the cover! This unusual 1981 boxed set from Grimoire Games has all three volumes of this self-contained hyper-weird OD&D mutation. It's all you need to be totally confused while having a blast. Magnifying glass recommended.

If you want to learn more about the contents of the Arduin Grimoire CLICK HERE to read Jeff Rients' excellent series of review posts.



  1. i wonder where did you find it. it's a rare item :)

  2. I picked up v1 & v3 on ebay a few months back, still trying to get a copy of v2. Great stuff in those little books!

  3. I will trade my soul for it...

    Ummm.. no thanks, already got one!

    i wonder where did you find it.

    eBay - Buy It Now, $60

    still trying to get a copy of v2

    They are all still in print. You can buy them HERE.

  4. they didn't show up on Acaeum..or i just didn't notice them
    we need SCANS :)
    some of these precious volumes are still missing from the world wide web, alas.. ;)

  5. they didn't show up on Acaeum..

    Acaeum has some nice scans of the three individual volumes CLICK HERE.

    However, the only boxed set I've ever seen is the one I own. I'd never even heard of the boxed set until I grabbed it off eBay.

  6. Yours seems to have a booklet of some sort that my copy lacks...

  7. Yours seems to have a booklet of some sort that my copy lacks...

    It has the three original volumes of the trilogy and one page of errata (which you can see in the bottom of the box in the second picture).

  8. Interesting. I have two of those boxed sets, one which I purchased myself at a hobby store, and another which was purchased by one of my players around the same time. Neither box has the errata sheets. Bummer.

    PS: One box is beaten to hell and back, the other is mint. You can guess which was the DM's copy!


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