Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Mean Spirited Criticism for My Blog List...

Don't be sad if you're not on the blog list. I can fix it!

As you may know I've been trying to maintain a list of blogs that should be of interest to old school gamers. I've been extremely liberal in deciding what blogs to include. I will include any blog if the writer asks me to.

I have therefore been surprised to see several blog posts openly criticizing me for not including their blogs on the list. Some of these posts go as far as calling me unkind names, and they all include sob-inducing comments along the lines of "Cyclopeatron doesn't think I'm old school enough".

These posts are pretty uncool, I think. The only reason I hadn't previously included these blogs is because I didn't even know they existed. Apparently these bloggers never bothered to read the header preceding of all my lists begging people to alert me to unlisted blogs. There are over 240 blogs on the list at this point. My aim is to include all relevant blogs, but I simply don't have the time to scour the internet as well as I need to. I depend on readers to tell me what I've missed.

So... before y'all start talking trash on Cyclopeatron, drop him a comment or email first and give him a few days. You just might see something magical happen! Your blog will be listed!

I'd like to thank the vast majority of you for the overwhelmingly positive feedback on the list! I'm glad it's useful for you, and I'm especially pleased that many of you have had significant surges in readership since I posted it.

Ha ha! See? Tears never last!


  1. Love the clown pics :D

    I've experienced an infinite-fold increase in my followers since being listed here. From 0 to 2 :D

  2. Well that blows big time. But hey, it's the internet, people get to be douchebags about things from the safety of their monitor's glow.
    Kuddos to you for putting the effort into this. And thanks for putting me on the list even though I'm not an old school gamer or running an older gaming system, etc.

    Yes, I've mostly been playing 4E but have been following blogs of predominantly "old school" players. Why? I'm not looking for stats or rules but for flavor and immersion. I don't need to know that if I take this power and that feat coupled with this magic item, you'll have a Godzilla slaying ranger.

  3. Hi Cyclopeatron I just saw your comment on my blog post.Just in case you didnt see my reply to it I wanted to comment here that I wasnt trying to be mean spirited or harshing on your mellow. Your doing a great job and I was just trying to be funny. If my post offended you in anyway I just wanted to say sorry.Once again great job and thanks for adding Zombie World to your blog list! For those of you who havent been there you can check my blog out here:

  4. i, for one, really appreciate the effort you've put into making such a comprehensive list. You've introduced me to a lot of great blogs I'd never heard of before. It's sad that some people are childish enough to criticize your limited omniscience and somehow take ignorance their existence as a personal slight.

    Keep up the great work, it's definitely appreciated.

  5. @Johnni: Yes, I included several blogs on the list that don't really focus on old school game systems per se, but they have a style of content I think is of interest to old school gamers. Playing D&D With Porn Stars is a high-profile example of this.

    @Zombiecowby: No prob! I don't take anything posted on the internet personally! It's just that there have been a few posts like this so I wanted to clarify the facts that (1) I make no pretension of being a judge of what's "old school" and what isn't, and (2) I'll happily list someone's blog if they ask. If someone thinks their blog is "old school", who am I to argue?

    @Anthony and Sean: Thanks for the kind words!

  6. I find the blog list highly useful; if I see anyone with fewer than say 15 followers, I nip along to see what's what. I remember when I had very few followers and it was great to see more appear. Chgowiz and Raggi were my first two (The Old Guy dropped off the list later, but I understood - he had stuff going on)

    So yeah, keep the list going - I'm finding new blogs to follow and my blogroll is getting worryingly long (I can hear flames at the bottom!)

  7. Stinks about the criticism. But I agree with Greg. Clowns are terrifying. Your blog post is terrifying because of the clowns.

    Please don't make a list of top clown blogs. It can only lead to tears. And seltzer bottles. And lots of big clowns stuffed into tiny clown cars.

  8. I'm one of the surges, and I definitely appreciate it! :)

  9. Thanks for doing this. Sorry about the crappy comments you've had to endure. No good deed goes unpunished, as they say. :)

  10. I'm just happy to be on the team!

  11. Oh, and I don't think being in the top 25 helped me get a single new follower. Support the little guys,but c'mon...I'm pouring my heart out on that damn blog!

  12. Those clown pics are going to give me nightmares now. -Louis

  13. I'm thrilled everyone loves the clowns so much! Maybe I should focus the blog more on clown velvet paintings...

  14. If we provide you with bribes, can our blogs be placed higher on the list? What would it cost for a ~50 spot, or even a ~30? What if we wanted to be on the top?

    How much do you charge? Is it by the follower or what?


  15. If it makes you feel better I like your blog even though mine is not technically an old school blog and never gets a mention anywhere. :-(

    (FYI, that's me being pathetic and whiny)

    Seriously I have your feed on My Yahoo and check it every day. Really enjoy the blog.

  16. That's just rude dude :)

    Sorry, had to go for that.

    Anyway, a big double thanks here. I was in the process of leaving you my url when it appeared. I gained 9 followers (my wife almost fell over :).

    Thanks again and keep the goodness coming.

  17. I'll never say a bad word against you again if you promise never to use clown pictures here again.


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