Monday, October 11, 2010

Javier Piñón's Medusas

To make your Monday a bit more dangerous... A series of Medusas by collage artist Javier Piñón.


  1. Call me unusual,
    I seem to like the last renedering
    the most.

  2. I'm envisioning a medusa pin-up calendar...

  3. Silly medusas... turning men to putty instead of stone ...

  4. Yeah, but does the carpet match the drapes? Not a dael breaker, just askin'.

  5. It is medusas or medusae?

    Does it really matter?

    Only problem with last rendering is that too many of her foes might not even look at her face. Oh and Brunomac, it's not carpet downstairs it's linoleum. Er, cause of the scales. I guess. Whatever.

  6. It's Gorgons surely?

    The three gorgon sisters - Medusa, Stheno, and Euryale

  7. @ Dungeonmum

    D&D has always called them Medusas, and called something similar to the catelebopas (sp?) a Gorgon. Not sure why they have two catelebopas monsters though.

    The thing that might make them _not_ be Gorgons is that they lack the golden wings Gorgons are supposed to have. Everybody forgets those!

  8. In that case I reckon the plural must be medusas, seeing as it's a modern usage and we don't speak latin. Thanks Evan.

    My favourite medusa was the ray harryhausen one in the original clash of, esp the part where you see her face up close - crap your pants or what?

    These ladies are pretty cool though. Has anyone seen Zak Smith's rendering of one? it's not for the faint of heart, but it tells a story.


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