Saturday, October 2, 2010

North Texas RPG Con - Best Bet For 2011?

I want to check out a national level gaming con next year. The North Texas RPG Con clearly looks like the best in the world for 2011. No competition, really. I just registered.

DMs Include:
Erol Otus (YES - DMing!)
Paul Jaquays
Frank Mentzer
Robert Kuntz
Tim Kask
Matt Finch
Kyrinn Eis
Dennis Sustare
Steve Winter

Mind-blowing. Wowie zowie. Not worthy. Etc.

GaryCon looks like a strong second with Jim Ward, Tom Wham, and Mike Carr as guests. For me personally, though, the possibility of gaming with Jaquays and Otus tips the balance towards Texas. Maybe I can squeeze in both cons somehow...? Hmmm...

I still haven't heard a convincing argument for why GenCon would be worth the time and dough to me.  I have minimal interest in vendor booths, booth babes, or costume contests. I do, however, have maximum interest in rocking with The Creators. And gaming nonstop. Don't you?

I hope to see some of you in Irving, Texas next June!


  1. Yeah, if old school D&D is your thing, better to have it in one concentrated dose than try to fish it out of the enormous slumgullion that is GenCon.

  2. this rocks,
    hopefully I can make it,
    only 120 miles from Irving

  3. Chello!

    Yes, I'll have to keep this in mind for next year as well seeing as how I'm only about 120 miles from theer as well. This year, life interfered. :)

  4. Been to the last 2 of these and to say "it was mind-blowingly awesome" is a tremendous understatement. The best gaming con I've ever been to.

  5. Thanks for the reminder - I missed NTRPG last year and don't want to again!
    Gary Con is also made of awesome.
    Gen Con is awesome if you:
    - already know a bunch of people you can meet there and game with nonstop for four days
    - sign up to GM as many slots as you can humanly stand
    The latter is fun because as GM you kind of get to control the experience, you can find players for whatever niche thing you can imagine, and after doing this for a year or two you'll qualify for the former category.
    - Tavis

  6. Cool, I hope to see you all there!

  7. Great, cyclopeatron: see you in Dallas in June :D


  8. It sounds like a lot of fun - I used to live near Dallas. However, now I'm living in Eastern Europe. I am a long ways from the North Texas RPG Con. But I wish you the best of luck.

  9. Yes, this sounds interesting. I may want to head over there for this one. Just to be at a con running classic games will be awesome enough not to mention the guest list!

  10. I think Erol is only DMing a party of six (SIX!!!). This may be the hottest ticket of the con. I wish I could use my powers for evil, not good, and sign myself up for a slot....sigh....

    The access to the founding fathers of our hobby at NTRPG Con is, yes, mindblowing. Imagine eating a midnight snack at Ihop with Frank and Tim, or sitting with Paul and Dennis listening to them rehash old times working for Coleco for several hours, or having Matt run you through his personal S&W megadungeon, or staying up until 3 am with Rob listening to tales of he and Gary running each other through their dungeons....cause I've done all of those things the last two years. Awesome.

    And I believe this will be the first adventure Paul has run for a con in over 20 years....!

  11. Playing in a game of Pauls would be a dream come true...

  12. I think Paul is running Runequest but we'll have to wait and see....


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