Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Simple Spell Casting in Gamma World / Mutant Future


In our last Gamma World session two people played a new Gamma Wizard "character class" I whipped up. These Gamma Wizards only start with 1d4 mutations, but they have the advantage of being able to temporarily expend their Mental Strength (or Willpower, if you play Mutant Future) to cast magical wing-ding-zingers. Mental Strength is then regained 1pt per turn (assuming 1 turn = 10min in game time). Super easy! It seemed to work great!

There are many ways for a Gamma Wizard to learn a new spell: studying with a master, finding an old manuscript, receiving an anal microchip implant from aliens, etc. Radioactive cocaine and similar substances can give temporary or permanent boosts to a Gamma Wizard's magical powers!

Here's the "known spell" list I handed out at our last session. Just the basic D&D-type stuff this time around. Of course cooler spells may be found scattered amongst the wonders and wastes of the Gamma World:


  1. Anal microchip implants? You ARE pulling out all the stops!

  2. Have you worked up anymore spells since you posted this? : )

  3. I can't disclose his real name but I used to hang with "Nintendo King"
    My wife and I know him IRL, he went to school with a close friend of mine.. Great post btw


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