Sunday, August 15, 2010

Pictures From SoCal Mini-Con III

Yesterday was the SoCal Mini-Con III in Anaheim, California. Everything seemed to go perfectly great and everyone I talked to had a blast. Special thanks to Bedivere for arranging the event!

There were six games and over 30 people total:
  • Tavis Allison running OD&D
  • Trent Foster running AD&D
  • Joe Goodman running Dungeon Crawl Classics
  • Telecenter running Swords and Wizardry
  • Cyclopeatron (me!) running Gamma World
  • Brunomac running OD&D
I was able to get  few pictures of the Mini-Con. Also, special thanks are due to David B. for the Gamma World pics. I tried my best to attach names to people in the pictures, but I couldn't remember everyone's name. Please let me know if I got your name wrong and I'll correct it. Sadly, I wasn't able to get pictures of Telecanter's or Brunomac's games...

 (Clockwise from far left: Jeff, Tavis, Nick Bielik, Kirk 'Telecanter', Alexey 'Monk', Javi, Staples, Chris 'Staples', Mobad Deathprong)

(Left to Right: Javi, Chris 'Staples', Mobad Deathprong)

(Clockwise from far left: Bedivere, son of Wheggi, Wheggi, Chris 'Cimmerian', T. Foster, Thorkhammer, The Shaman, Jeff, Rick?, Gary?)

 (Clockwise from left: T. Foster, Thorkhammer, The Shaman, Jeff, Rick?)

(DM: Joe Goodman, Guy in Hat: Louis)

(Clockwise from left: Troy, Bob 'Cyclopeatron', Banjo Chris, Nick Bielik (blocked from view), Jorshus playing air keytar!)

(From left: Troy, David, Bob)

(Can't remember what I was gesticulating about, exactly...)


  1. Excellent! Brent made it, I must have just missed him! Next to the Shaman is Jeff and he hosted last years meet. I am not sure of the names of the other two without taking a stab so I'll just say that they were a welcome addition and knew their stuff. I didn't get to meet some of the mid-day crowd, bummer. Thanks for your efforts!

    Till next year!

  2. The other two guys in my game came together (after, apparently, hearing about the event on Joe Goodman's site) and were named Rick and Gary, but I confess I don't remember which was which...

  3. Thanks for the pics! It's always good to put faces to the names delivering pixels to my glowing rectangle.

  4. Cannot ever remember a GM getting applause at the end of a game. Very well done Bob.

    Goddamn tie dye makes me look huge. Would have worn black if I knew there would be pics!

  5. Looks like a blast: I'd love to make it out there, sometime :D


  6. Thanks for helping organize. I had a blast. Met a bunch of nice people and am looking forward to doing it again next year.

  7. Cool pics, looks like a good time! Hope we get a report of your GW game.

  8. Where was that one held? That venue looks awesome!

  9. That was hugely enjoyable! Thanks to everyone who made it happen. An awesome venue indeed.
    - Tavis

  10. That was a great time guys. Thanks!

  11. @Cimm & Trent - Thanks for the name clarifications!

    @Brunomac - Thanks for the kind words, and please accept my apologies for the crappy photo of you. I was trying to include photos of as many people as possible, and that was the only one of you and Brent. Nick and Chris don't even really show up in any of the GW session photos.

    @B. Portly - I'll try to get a Gamma World recap up sometime this week. In the meantime Brunomac posted a brief recap on the Temple of Demogorgon blog.

    @mondbuchstaben - The event was held in a club house at a condo complex in Anaheim near Disneyland. It was a great space, but the afternoon noise levels got a little overwhelming with three large sessions going on simultaneously in the same room. Overall, it worked out quite well though. And it was free!

    @Everyone Else - Thanks to all the DMs, players, and distant well-wishers! It was a fun fun day!

  12. Nice to meet all of you at this year's SoCalMiniCon. I had a great time, and it was a blast playing in Trent's conversion of Gygax's Necropolis. Look forward to seeing all of you again next year.

  13. For anybody who played my OD&D game or wanted to - we may be doing more of it on the Saturday on or near Socal Smackdown Labor day weekend. If you are going to the con or are in the area let me know. Dungeon wallop!

  14. Nicely done, by the looks of everything... really wish I could have made it to astound the Gamma Worlder's with my electric jug skills... hope you hold another one sometime.


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