Wednesday, February 24, 2010

World Oranj - Session 2

Player Characters:
A mostly chaotic collection of fringe personalities…
  • Cookie – A large and unpredictable fighting creature with a lupine aspect and ambiguous gender.
  • Franklin – Bearded young cleric with one short arm. Follows the Time Demon of Zymos.
  • Sproutface – Cleric, affinity for love, plants, and the Dark Side Demon of Zymos.
  • Monolaba – Pre-teen cleric, runaway from wealthy family after envisioning a demon’s face in the moon. A chaotic monster killer, this boy.
  • Scunibro – Ex-musician turned student of magic. Unpredictable personality.
  • Gorlark – Amnesiac fighting man. Another borderline personality. Has a large scar on his head of unknown origin (amnesia).
In a rural tavern in the hamlet of Fen the party chatted up a group locals. The party ended up hiring two local farming fellows, named Mess and Pipple, to accompany them back to explore Morton’s caverns. The party also gathered some rumors relating to Morton’s occasional travels in the area with two fighting men named Throx and Tinnix. None of the three - Morton, Throx, or Tinnix - had been seen for the last few months. Others rumors suggested another pair of travelers had been through in the last few days also asking about Morton.
The group returned to the caverns with Mess and Pipple tagging along. Extensive exploration, mapping, and adventure ensued. Another cavern with a blue skeleton tree was explored. A passage marked with the freshly decapitated head of a recent adventurer dissuaded the party from further exploration in the southeastern tunnels. At one point an illusory wall of vines was passed through and an underground lake was found. Undead toads with seeking purple tongues were vanquished. A cryptic passage among the limestone was revealed, leading the party to an area guarded by blue crystal skeletons. This turned out to be a more comfortable set of chambers where Morton apparently worked and resided. A few interesting rooms included:
The chamber of geometrized syllabic algorithmic poetry: This chamber hosted a series of stone obelisks with abstract inscriptions of recent syllabic algorithmic poetry, as favored by the current pharmaco-literati of city-state Bryll. Apparently these were very recently composed. Most unusual was a 10’ diameter orb of ochre gelatin floating in the middle of the room. The party pulled a naked human out of the gel who slowly came to consciousness. Scunibro instantly recognized the man to be Shiply Mently Portly Kymus – a renowned algorithmic composer from Bryll who had gone missing almost a year ago. Shiply described how he was shanghaied by poetry-loving Morton and compelled to engage in syllabic compositions and social intercourse with the magician.
A gallery of stimulating paintings: Large paintings of Morton and Shiply engaged in various reclining positions, etc. Shiply, now traveling with the party, refused to acknowledge it was himself in the artworks.
Morton's living quarters: Morton’s personal chambers. Some nice clothing was liberated but nothing of great value was found.
Normandy the Homunculon: The party found a basket in a cupboard. Inside the basket was a fatty greasy hairless head with a large foot where the neck should be. The giggly thing was alive and asked for wine and sausage. When wine was offered up he wet himself out of his little buttocks near his heel – he has a very small stomach you see. His name is Normandy, he is magical and seems to have an intense interest is reading magical inscriptions, however he is not much of a conversationalist. Shiply said he observed Morton working with Normandy in some way in the course of his magical research. Morton called Normandy a “Reminder”. Scunibro, being the only magician in the group, took Normandy along with him in his little basket.
The Myosenian Sofa: A stone bed bearing glowing inscriptions was found. Scunibro and Mess decided to lie on the bed and both immediately gained muscle mass through some magical means. Sadly, the magical charge was depleted upon this use. Scunibro allowed Normandy to read some of the inscriptions on the Myosenian Sofa.
After exploring Morton’s area, the party removed an interior wooden door and returned to the underground sea where they used the door as a float to ferry across to a small beach on the north side of the lake. Beyond an archway the party found a large dark chamber with a translucent half-globe 50’ in diameter. Peering into the half-globe revealed another level, 50’ below, where there was a 30’ long human head laying the darkness, peering up at the party through the glassy bubble. The party fought a bit with wood golems being sloughed off a golem-generating monolith before jumping down a feather-fall shaft that brought them into the room with a giant head.

It looks like we will have two more players tonight, bringing the number of PCs to 8, with 3 NPCs.

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