Monday, February 22, 2010

World Oranj - Session 1

The party heard rumors of a magician having recently lost his life. This magician, a minor but respected necroparamathematician called Morton, was rumored to have maintained a special compound not so far outside the players’ city-state. There is a strong possibility that this currently abandoned compound could provide some interesting opportunities for material and intellectual advancement for adventurous and amoral individuals…
An entrance was discovered: The party located the entrance to the compound and solved the puzzle of ingress through an illusory hillside.
A crystal tree and the words of Morton: Upon entering the party found itself in a large limestone cavern with a skeletal blue crystal tree. On one wall a magical speaking mouth welcomed the adventurers.
A large spider attacks and a secret passage is found: After exploring and mapping a variety of tunnels and examining some closed doors, the party was set upon by a vastly overgrown spider emerging from a large crevice in a tunnel wall. After dispatching the spider the party squeezed through the crevice into the spider’s lair – burning its eggs and looting the corpses of previous victims. At the rear of the spider’s lair was hidden passage leading to the…
Hall of ghosts: A huge limestone cavern was filled with hundreds of miniature wooden houses, each less than 8 inches tall. Above each house hovered an apparition of a human spirit. The houses were filled with miniature human bones. The party spent some time talking with some of the ghosts and mapping the cavern. The ghosts politely requested to be freed from the houses by the means of a “crystalline hand”. The party evntually located such a device across an underground river, but sadly it was guarded by three rotten humanoids with transparent skin and paralyzing touch. Difficult melee with these supernatural men liberated the crystalline hand from its small stone alter. Monolaba, the dark spirited boy cleric and super slayer, removed the scalp of one of the guardian creatures and placed it upon his own head. After gaining the quartzish hand, Young Cleric Franklin collected 100 souls into its fractal phalanges, whereupon the hand began to murmur low groans and dark statements not repeatable on this particular internet outlet…
Due to the late hour the party left the cavern and returned to a rural roadside inn to retire.

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