Wednesday, April 21, 2010

1980s D&D Needlepoint

Why exclude grandma from the fun?

Over at Dragonsfoot a discussion is just starting to brew about the strangest D&D items ever produced. The usual contenders like the wood burning kit, beach towel, and wind up toys make a showing. Something I had never seen before, however, are these crazy needlepoint kits (pictures posted by Egg of Coot).

Frank Mentzer comments:
When Kevin Blume became President of TSR in the '80s, his wife wanted him to support her hobby too, so he bought her a company: Greenfield Needlewomen. They did 4 different D&D kits, but the bulk of their line is of course the usual assortment of needlepoint projects. (They were sold off long before WotC got interested in TSR.)


  1. That is awesome! I like the "Quiet! Dungeon Zone" most of all.

  2. Yeah, I'd like to have one of those Dungeon Zone signs for my office...

  3. I have been known to do a bit of needlepoint, I think I might recreate the door-hanger, amazing on so many levels

  4. And we wonder why TSR was virtually bankrupt by the time WOTC bought them.


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