Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Oranj / Birthplace of the Ice Elementals

Northern Finland
I've been trying to squeeze in some D&D before the move north. I have three unreported sessions in our whitebox campaign I'm hoping to make write-ups of in the near future - primarily for the sake of the players.

Because of my upcoming move it's likely that last week's session will be the finale for this campaign. The party ultimately found an astrographer in a stalled underworld rent-ship who was able to draw a map to the Dendriton tube. They also found a flying box allowing them to traverse Wiggin's Rent without the costly aid of micro dragons.

I've been using a new character class - Syndaens - which are "modular" fungus / humanoid hybrids that I've been using as NPCs for quite some time. Players can absorb mycelial hyphae into their characters to gain new abilities, and possibly lose old ones. I was frankly inspired by the different regional humanoids in A Voyage to Arcturus which were able to modulate head growths on the protagonist as he traveled from land to land.

Thinking about new settings and scenarios... Inspired by the move to upstate NY I'd like to realize an adventure in the ice. Snow trolls, wayward ice elementals, unsetting suns, icebergs floating in the sea and in the sky, canopies of fleshy ice plants, underground moss gardens, ice breathing potions. What does it feel like for an ice elemental to melt? I heard that in one region near Smithon's Boundary free-living ice elementals have an irresistible desire to feed on warmth. They hunger to dissolve into steam, to transform into gas and to float on the wind.


  1. Your second para there is sheer bloody poetry and fills me with adventurous expectancy.

    If you have room in a game in Ithaca in, say, a year or two, I'd love to play.

  2. If you have room in a game in Ithaca in, say, a year or two, I'd love to play.

    You're in!

  3. I'd be interested in a write-up of how Syndaens work. They sound pretty cool.


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