Thursday, November 3, 2011

We Feed on the Flesh of Referees and Ghosts

Behind the screen I sometimes pretend to do things while a neglected part of my mind thinks up something to say. I have to remember so I write it down on green graph paper. Players feed on my nerves or sometimes sleepwalk. Referees are exposed like children who don't know what all the words mean yet. You can be gentle or you can pick at their giddy flesh to see how deep their dreams go. Do you really know what the teeth of a monster feel like? Did you hear that you can see stars in the glossy gall extracted from the splijossum of an ancient space wizard?


  1. I remember how painful it was when I pulled my splijossum during football practice one day back in high school. I was off my feet for a week. Thas 'kay though, back then they were showing reruns of Beverly Hillbillies and Get Smart all day on channel 11.

  2. Yeah, my splijossum has always been very distended and tender. I guess this is why I never really got into sports in high school...

  3. Nice painting. Who is the artist?

  4. Nice painting. Who is the artist?

    Fuyuko Matsui. I'll post more soon.

  5. You added a very beautiful picture here...

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