Thursday, July 28, 2011

Old School Hack at SoCal Minicon!

Just a few updates on this weekend's Minicon in Anaheim:

1. Nick had to drop his Saturday evening Stormbringer game due to work obligations.

2. Kirin Robinson is stepping in to run a Saturday night session of his Old School Hack game! This is a Red Box-inspired D&D retroclone that looks pretty awesome. Sign up now!

3. A seat has opened up in Steve Perrin's Saturday morning game.

4. A handful of seats are open for the Sunday games run by Grodog, Telecanter, and Bedivere.

If you want to RSVP for a game please email me through my blogger profile!

See you soon!


  1. Don't miss out on Old School Hack, especially if Kirin is running. My favorite RPG discovery if the last year.

  2. The game went great, I'll definitely be hitting the next MiniCon!

  3. Awesomeness! When will the next one be?

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