Thursday, May 12, 2011

Water Spouts of Enceladus

Here's an image taken by Cassini in August 2010 from the night side of Saturn's moon Enceladus. The long white band at the bottom of the picture is the crest of Saturn where you can see different layers of Saturn's atmosphere.

The most remarkable aspect of this photo are the huge water plumes spewing up from the surface of Enceladus. These plumes are ejected from long fissures on the planet's icy surface. They demonstrate that there is a massive abundance of liquid water near the surface of Enceladus. Wow!!

By the way... I'm sorry posting has been slow over the past few weeks. I've been unusually busy at work and home. I've been gaming a lot and have a number of substantive posts I am aiming to write up when I  get a chance. I probably won't get to updating the blog rankings for a week or two - sorry about that.


  1. Well I'm fascinated by it. This feeds in precisely to what we do. It's the edge of the unknown, a strange world being explored.

  2. That is awesome and a better image that many science fiction movies.


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