Saturday, December 18, 2010

Free to a Good Ho-ho-home: Vance, Dunsany Books

I need to thin out my paperbax stax a bit. I'm emulating Scott Driver here by trying to increase coolness in the world by giving out cool books to cool people. I have a big old stack of books to get rid of, including some Epic Illustrated and Heavy Metal magazines. I will be giving stuff away in small batches over time. Here's the first batch! Ho ho ho!

I will send any of these books to you free via U.S. Media Mail. Here are the rules:

1. The first person to leave a comment claiming a book gets it.
2. I will only ship to U.S. addresses (due to postage fees).
3. On your honor you do not already own the book and you are seriously interested in reading it.
4. One book per person per giveaway.
5. You must email me your delivery address (via my blogger profile) the same day you claim the book, or else the next person in line gets it.

Today's offerings:
 Jack Vance - To Live Forever

Jack Vance - Galactic Effectuator

Jack Vance - Emphyrio

Lord Dunsay - The King of Elfland's Daughter


  1. I'll claim the Lord Dunsany book! Thanks!

  2. I'd like dibs on Vance my all time-fave!

  3. Sorry to be specific I was calling it on To Live Forever. Thanks for your generosity.

  4. I'd love to read Jack Vance - Galactic Effectuator

  5. I'd love to read Jack Vance - Galactic Effectuator

    Great pick! This book is actually fairly rare and desirable to Vance collectors.

    Doesn't anyone want Emphyrio? It's an awesome book!

  6. Anything you may have left over, I'll gladly take.

  7. Cool Cyclopeatron! I just knew I hadn't seen it before on my book forays/outings. Love Vance! It's hard to find any Vance goodies in my neck of the woods. Thanks for doing this!!!

  8. Anything you may have left over, I'll gladly take.

    Well, Timeshadows, ckutalik never sent me his mailing address, so you can have To Live Forever. Email me your mailing address through my profile and I'll send the book to you tomorrow!


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