Friday, January 27, 2012

Criswell: WotC to Reprint 2e

The Amazing Criswell says: I predict that in the year 2013 fans of Dungeons & Dragons will take an incredible journey back in time! Advanced Dungeons and Dragons Second Edition will rise from the dead! However you MAY BE SURPRISED because this well-loved modular zombie may GO BY ANOTHER NAME! In my mind's eye I see THE NUMBER FIVE!

Rejoice, friends, because in this not-so-distant future I see gamers around the world joining hands as they march through the GATES OF FUN led by their RESURRECTED LORD! I see..

There will be "an underlying foundation or core game, which is D&D distilled to its essence"!

"If you like a tactical game with lots of maps, miniatures, attacks of opportunity and the like, you can use modules to have that game"!

You can "build your own castle"!

"have followers"!

"mix with royalty"!

You can have "extensive skills and ways to customize your character"!

You can have a game that is "tactical"!

...or "epic / high-level"!

Yes, friends, the future will soon be the past!

[Criswell thanks E. Foley, Monte Cook, Mike Mearls, and Jeremy Crawford for their help (in quotes) visualizing these future events!]


  1. I see what you did there...!

  2. This is what it's looking like, 2e all over again, whats funny is some of the playtest reports I have read, the folks act like its all a new concept to do things that are not covered by the rules or to *gasp roleplay in character at the table of WOW! combat is so fast, everything we have been saying and doing for years all of a sudden is kewl...HAH we are all HIPSTERS now!

    Replace Grognard with Hipster....I was running quick combat before 5e allowed it!


  3. I like the part where Monte says that instead of a fighter getting a bonus to hit at every level, they should scale it slower so orcs remain useful at higher levels in bigger numbers. That sounds like a little game I like to call:

    GYGAX FUCKING WHITE BOX D&D!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. The more things change, the more they stay the same.

  5. Hmm, following this logic, by 2021, Hasbro will go broke and Lorraine Williams will sell it to the Electronic Arts Tabletop Division. Their first product will be Madden's My Little Pony Age Effect Dungeons and Dragons, using the new 7e core mechanics.

    MMLPAED&D will require the XBox 4 to roll the 'Enhanced Virtual Dice' needed to play the game.


    - Ark

  6. @Arkhein: Now that you've said it, the idea now exists in our world. In the unlikely event that it comes to fruition, I'm blaming you.

    1. I think blame is the right word, but it won't necessarily be Cyclopeatron's fault - I'm guessing this was decided early on.

      Blame, because if the solidarity in this dynamic and perhaps unexpectedly influential community gets thrown away for last year's toys, it will be a huge loss. A loss that goes beyond gaming. The OSR at its hazy core is free association and transformation, real-life worldbuilding.

  7. So cynical, so very cynical...

    More like funny irony as opposed to cynicism. I'm cautiously optimistic about this whole thing... If I could walk into a game shop or con and find people playing a 2e-like D&D game I'd be thrilled, actually.

  8. Good post Cyclopeatron, the parallels with 2e are clever.

  9. Very clever my friend very clever! However I wouldn't be sad or surprised if they actually did this!

  10. Ha! Ha!
    It's funy 'cuz it's true!

    The 2E era was awesome, so no complaints if 5E brings back that vibe. Or spawns a similar sized customer base. There were many more people playing than certain 'official' sources that have something to gain by downplaying this time in the hobby are willing to admit. The Campaign Worlds were great, there were some good adventures(but there should have been more), and Dragon and Dungeon magazine were at their height, imo. It'd also be great if other RPGs experienced a revival, and who knows....

  11. Future games like this will affect you, in the future...

  12. Awesome and funny.

    If that did happen though it would be expensive for me. I love me some 2e and my .alt gaming group grew up with it. I'd have to go all in.


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