Saturday, April 30, 2011

OD&D Origin of THAC0 in 1978

Believe it or not the UCLA Computer Club had a D&D 'zine in the late 1970s called ANYONE WANT TO BUY A COAT OF MITHRIL? Here's an interesting excerpt I found in issue #4 from April 1978:

"One of the devices we use is THAC0 (To Hit AC 0). This is a composite of the character's type, level, strength, weapon, and other bonuses. THAC0 must be recomputed when any of this changes. THAC0 itself greatly speeds things up all by itself".

I guess this settles it. THAC0 is totally old school!

Oh yeah, the last line of the 'zine says: "THE UCLA COMPUTER CLUB MEETS FOR D&D SATURDAYS AT 2:00 IN 3514 BOELTER"! Cool!

This is probably the nerdiest blog post I've ever made. I think like 4 people might be interested in this...