Monday, April 4, 2011

Grognardlings Are Our Future

A new old school gaming blog called Grognardling just came to my attention. I definitely recommend it as a very cool blog that deserves more attention. In addition to simply having great material, one of the striking things about the blog is the explanation of its title on the side bar:
What is a "grognardling?"
I've only been role-playing for a few years, which isn't surprising when you're in your twenties, but is rare when you play the kind of games that were published in the 70's. I'm a grognardling- someone who is young, has never even seen a copy of the LBBs, a Red Box or a 1st Edition book, but is avidly in the process of learning the "Old Ways."
Staples, the proprietor of Grognardling, is representative of a new breed of twentysomething gamers that is specifically attracted to old school RPGs - games that they never actually grew up playing and therefore have no nostalgic bias for. I think this is great because I actually care about old school D&D, you see, and I love to see new gamers getting into it.

I've noticed a recurring sentiment on many old school forums and gaming blogs along the lines of "I don't care if old school roleplaying is dying out, I'll just keep playing what I've always played and ignore the rest of the world". I don't subscribe to this point of view at all. I think old-style RPGs are crazy and beautiful things that inspire creativity, imagination, and camaraderie in a very unique way. I firmly believe that this pastime of ours adds a tiny bit of fragile beauty to the world. I don't want to see it die. I want to see it live and grow. I want more people to play classic RPGs.

The fact that some new gamers are skipping over trendy new rules-heavy games to go for the quirky classic stuff is very heartening to me. If our hobby is going to survive another generation - and I hope it does -  we NEED enthusiastic and articulate younger voices like Staples, Evan of In Places Deep, and Oddysey of How to Start a Revolution in 21 Days or Less (any others I'm missing?). Please visit their blogs and support their endeavors!