Tuesday, March 1, 2011

"He probably plays Dungeons & Dragons..."

Not long ago I was at a dinner party with some academic colleagues. Because many academics fancy themselves gourmets we strayed to the topic of sharpening fine cutlery. The hostess mentioned that down the street there was a guy whose hobby is sharpening knives. In fact, every weekend you can see him in his garage sharpening things.

She said "Yeah, he's really weird. He probably plays Dungeons & Dragons."

This was such a perfectly timed comment because no less then four of us in that room full of wine-sipping university professors play D&D together regularly. I guess we just don't really advertise the fact at work that we like to pretend we're goblin-fighting wizards while we sip our wine. I just stayed quiet, concerned that my secret life as a "dungeon master" might be revealed before I go up for tenure.

After a moment the geologist in the room spoke up and said "Hey! We play Dungeons & Dragons!"

The hostess smiled and said something like "Ohh.. Hah hah. Hummm..."

Who "we" referred to remained vague. I stayed quiet, just sipping my wine, while the conversation moved on. I guess it's still a mystery around here, then, who's rolling d20s in the closet... and who their master is...