Friday, March 4, 2011

F*ck Hasbro. I Am D&D.

So Are You.

What's up with these blog posts describing people shying away from saying "I play D&D"?

I play a game, and on the box it says "Dungeons & Dragons".

If someone is nerdy enough to know and care that there are different versions of D&D, it only takes two more syllables to say "I play old school D&D". Give me a break - Hasbro lawyers aren't going to break into your dining room to confiscate your Gary Gygax books. Hasbro might repress their legacy PDFs, but they can't unpublish the past. We need to fight, not acquiesce. Only through our constant use of the term "Dungeons & Dragons" can we promote genericization of the trademark. As the Old School Rebellion, I see it as our duty to do this. D&D is just too awesome and too personal to let it be co-opted by the highest bidder. It's not a simple boardgame like Monopoly or Trivial Pursuit - it's a beautiful, creative, life-long hobby we share with our friends. The dirty secret Hasbro wants you to forget is that you don't have to buy anything from them (or anyone else) to play D&D.

There is no reason to cede D&D to Hasbro. The only reason I can think of to use a silly code word for D&D is for commercial publishing - and that's what the retro-clones are for, right? End of discussion.

I play D&D. We all play D&D.

We are D&D, and D&D is us.