Thursday, April 25, 2013

Session Reports? Do You Like Obsidian Portal? Should I Move to OP?

I am looking pretty hard at using Obsidian Portal for managing and presenting campaign notes and session reports. If I did this I would probably stop posting session reports on this blog. I guess the basic purpose of this post is to ask if anyone cares if this happens...?

I was surprised that my last few session reports got quite a lot of hits, even though they didn't generate any comments. The lack of comments makes it difficult to gauge if readers like these posts, or if they were just clicking through and yawning. I've traditionally shied away from writing many lengthy session reports on my blog because I figured they were mostly boring to people outside my game. When I've posted them in the past I've usually tried to attach some more general theme, observation, or anecdote. That being said, I have gotten numerous requests over the years to post more background and creative material on my blog - mostly from people that have played in my games at conventions.

So, my specific questions here are:

1. Have you used OP and do you like it? Is there something better?

2. Do you follow or browse others' campaigns on OP?

3. Do you have even the slightest interest in reading my campaign details and session reports?

4. If you are interested in my campaign material, would you ever bother linking over to OP to see what's going on?