Friday, May 27, 2011

Steve Perrin Details for SoCal Minicon

This is just a brief update that Steve Perrin, the creator of games such as Runequest, Stormbringer, and Superworld, and original contributor to Call of Cthulhu and Thieves' World, will be running a game at SoCal Minicon 4 on Saturday, July 30, 11am-5pm. Steve is a true luminary of the first-generation West Coast RPG scene, and I'm very excited that he's coming out to our event!

Steve will be running his revised (i.e. streamlined) Runequest rules called Steve Perrin's Quest Rules (SPQR), which you can find information on by CLICKING HERE. Pregenerated characters will be provided.

Steve's game will be followed by a session of Stormbringer run by Nick of the Castle Dragonscar blog! A brilliant double feature!

Even though it's still two months away, seats are filling up for SoCal Minicon. Several of the sessions are already full. GO HERE for a list of sessions and to see how many seats are left available. Email me through my blogger profile if you'd like to reserve a seat. Remember - this event is free!