Thursday, January 13, 2011

WotC to Discontinue Plastic Minis

Terrible news! Shinobicow at The Dump Stat blog has learned that Hasbro / WotC has announced to retailers that they are discontinuing production of their collectible plastic minis!

These minis are by far my favorite WotC product. Don't get me wrong - I love vintage minis, and I love painting minis, but I just don't have the time to keep up the stream of freshly painted villains. I've come to rely pretty heavily on WotC's plastic pre-painted minis for my gaming, especially in the monster department. One of the best things about the WotC minis is that you can get lots of them on eBay for a very reasonable price. I wonder if this discontinuation will jack up their prices on eBay. My PayPal account is already starting to hurt just thinking about it.

Shinobicow's post also goes on to describe how WotC is delaying or canceling production of a number of
major 4e products. I wonder what's up? Are they banking on the Fortune Cards as the new wave of the future?

PS: CLICK HERE for the entire official announcement from WotC.