Saturday, January 22, 2011

Download: Fillable Henchman Card PDFs

I spent an exciting Friday evening learning the mysteries of making fillable PDF forms! Feel free to download and use these fillable Henchman Card PDF files.

File 1 seems to work best in Apple Preview: CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD

File 2 seems to work best in Adobe Acrobat: CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD

Please let me know which version works best for you with your software and operating system. For some reason I get slightly different application-dependent formatting results with some of the multi-line text boxes. I simply optimized two versions of the form for the two applications I use most frequently.

I did not include Alignment or Morale on the cards because I keep this information secret from players. I also did not make AC fillable because it can change frequently during play and should be recorded in pencil.

Any ideas for improvement welcomed!