Saturday, October 2, 2010

North Texas RPG Con - Best Bet For 2011?

I want to check out a national level gaming con next year. The North Texas RPG Con clearly looks like the best in the world for 2011. No competition, really. I just registered.

DMs Include:
Erol Otus (YES - DMing!)
Paul Jaquays
Frank Mentzer
Robert Kuntz
Tim Kask
Matt Finch
Kyrinn Eis
Dennis Sustare
Steve Winter

Mind-blowing. Wowie zowie. Not worthy. Etc.

GaryCon looks like a strong second with Jim Ward, Tom Wham, and Mike Carr as guests. For me personally, though, the possibility of gaming with Jaquays and Otus tips the balance towards Texas. Maybe I can squeeze in both cons somehow...? Hmmm...

I still haven't heard a convincing argument for why GenCon would be worth the time and dough to me.  I have minimal interest in vendor booths, booth babes, or costume contests. I do, however, have maximum interest in rocking with The Creators. And gaming nonstop. Don't you?

I hope to see some of you in Irving, Texas next June!