Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Mean Spirited Criticism for My Blog List...

Don't be sad if you're not on the blog list. I can fix it!

As you may know I've been trying to maintain a list of blogs that should be of interest to old school gamers. I've been extremely liberal in deciding what blogs to include. I will include any blog if the writer asks me to.

I have therefore been surprised to see several blog posts openly criticizing me for not including their blogs on the list. Some of these posts go as far as calling me unkind names, and they all include sob-inducing comments along the lines of "Cyclopeatron doesn't think I'm old school enough".

These posts are pretty uncool, I think. The only reason I hadn't previously included these blogs is because I didn't even know they existed. Apparently these bloggers never bothered to read the header preceding of all my lists begging people to alert me to unlisted blogs. There are over 240 blogs on the list at this point. My aim is to include all relevant blogs, but I simply don't have the time to scour the internet as well as I need to. I depend on readers to tell me what I've missed.

So... before y'all start talking trash on Cyclopeatron, drop him a comment or email first and give him a few days. You just might see something magical happen! Your blog will be listed!

I'd like to thank the vast majority of you for the overwhelmingly positive feedback on the list! I'm glad it's useful for you, and I'm especially pleased that many of you have had significant surges in readership since I posted it.

Ha ha! See? Tears never last!