Thursday, September 9, 2010

WotC Recycles Classic Trampier Art - ON A BUS MURAL!! AMAZING!!

Wizards of the Coast is really pushing this whole old school aesthetic thing to a whole new level. First there was the Red Box, now we have the D&D Bus! It has classic art by Trampier, Sutherland, Elmore, and Otus plastered all over it. There's even some graph paper imagery. Check out how Trampier's original cover illustration for the Village of Hommlet module is the central piece on one side of the bus, and his Player's Handbook demon idol is central on the other side. Also note the fake 70s van window painted near the back on the Hommlet side. Nice touch! Maybe they saw my earlier post on the topic...?

This bus is so cool! I wish my station wagon was painted like this!

I found these photos here and here.