Thursday, June 10, 2010

SoCal Old School Mini-Con III: August 14!

It's official! There's going to be an informal old school RPG day / grill-out on Saturday, August 14. It will be at a clubhouse in Anaheim near Disneyland. The event will be hosted by Bedivere.

This will be a small and personal event with probably only 2-3 tables running. The focus is going to be on old TSR games like A/D&D, Boot Hill, and others. I am quite excited that tavis of the excellent NYC-based Mule Abides blog may attending. According to threads at Dragonsfoot and Knights and Knaves Alehouse, other blog/forum personalities that have tentatively expressed interest in attending include Cimmerian (Cimmerian Chronicles), brunomac (Temple of Demogorgon), T. Foster, Wheggi, and grodog (Allan Grohe), amongst several others.

An invitation is open to anyone who's interested in old school RPGs, including new players. Mark your calendar!

I'll post more details as they come...