Thursday, June 24, 2010

California Game Blogs

A few days ago A Paladin in Citadel asked if readers like how he keeps separate blogrolls for Canadian vs. non-Canadian blogs. This got me thinking about the game blogs emanating forth from within my own major geopolitical region: The California Republic. Off the top of my head, the list would include (please let me know if I missed any):

Castle Dragonscar
Cimmerian Chronicles
Destination Unknown
Dungeon Mistress
Frothy Friar
Playing D&D With Porn Stars
Telecanter's Receding Rules
Temple of Demogorgon
The Moldy Vale 

This is a pretty good number with a definite bias towards Southern California. While this regional richness is interesting, it's also sadly irrelevant because it doesn't represent any sort of real gaming scene. I've only met two of these other bloggers in person: Celestial (Dungeon Mistress, my niece) and Cimmerian (Cimmerian Chronicles). Unlike Paladin, who groups together blogs sprinkled across a vast area, a lot of us California bloggers apparently live within an hour or two of each other - especially in SoCal.

It would be great if at least the SoCal contingent (and others in close proximity) could organize to attend a local con some time to hang out and roll dice! SoCal Old School Mini Con III is coming up Aug 14 and  Gateway 2010 is coming up on Labor Day Weekend (Sep 3-6), it would be good fun to have a bloggomaniac meeting of the minds and achieve critical mass to run and promote some cool RPGs!