Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Hiatus, Not Fizzle... Maybe a Trickle?

At a Halloween party last weekend someone was asking about my blog. I said I hadn't really been keeping up with it lately. Why not? Says I "Well, I'm going up for tenure this Fall, you see, and I've been pretty busy trying to get nice research articles out to hammer down my case. Well I got my tenure review file in and things look good, so now I'm hoping that I'll have a little more time for gaming related stuff. I'm still pretty busy, so don't expect a flood of posts, but hopefully something more than nothing..."

Along with the blog my campaigns have pretty much been on hiatus since summer. I'm calling it a hiatus, not a fizzle...

The Penelion campaign reached a nice chapter-closing point when the party made it to the top of the cloud mine and met the renegade alchemist who was obsessed with eating cumulonimbical crystals and playing organ music for the translucent cloud beasts. The party gained access to a floating wooden cube maintained by the alchemist. Because of all the babies us players are having it's hard to see this group of players getting together again on a regular basis for quite some time. I don't want this campaign to fizzle. I like it. So maybe it's time to think about recruiting a few other players...?

The World Oranj campaign also reached a nice chapter-close before one of the key players moved to Taiwan. The party made it to the hanging ceramic city of Wiggin's Drop. Maybe I'll tell you more about it some time.

Here's hoping that in the next few months a little more cyclopeatronicism will start trickling out...